Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Current Project: A Playground for the Dair Ammar Kindergarten

Thanks to your support, we are in the implementation stage of a playground forthe Dair Ammar kindergarten near Ramallah! Construction is set to begin in January!

This playground is a joint effort between the Madison chapter of Playgrounds for Palestine, and the family of Cynthia Laitman, who passed away last year, and in whose memory the playground will be built.

Here is a description of the current facilities:

Dair Ammar kindergarten is owned and run by the Dair Amar Athletic Club Charitable Society and is located in Dair Ammar Village -part of the Ramallah Governorate- in the WB.
The kindergarten accommodates up to a 100 children, has 3 teachers of which one of them is the headmistress as well. The KG is part of a three store building which includes the club (athletics and other youth and educational activities) as well. It was built in 2008 funded and built by the inhabitants of the village over 5 years.

The kindergarten occupies one floor with a space of 200km2 consisting of 3 classrooms, a hallway, 2 toilets, an Admin office and a kitchenette. Internally, the KG kitchenette lacks equipment; has no refrigerator or stove or filter for safe water drinking, additionally, the kindergarten's ground surface is not carpeted. However more importantly, the kindergarten has limited indoor educational, entertainment. The KG needs a TV, DVD, fans, shelves, curtains, new chairs and tables. Tuition fees are 200 shekels ($58) per year per child. Teacher salary is 500 shekels ($145) per month.

The KG needs urgent financial, educational (training & equipment) and entertainment support as a means to upgrade the level of teaching and quality of education and social environment for its children.

Through the field visit we noticed the playground consists of 2 rusted outdoor games, has a shelter that covers a quarter of the in front space and a water fountains that needs rehabilitation.
We are very pleased to be working to build a playground for the children of the Dair Ammar kindergarten. We will share plans for the playground as they are finalized, and of course, photos once it is implemented!

Below are photos of the current facilities, and some of the children and teachers.